The world of inlingua

Language training success

Why choose inlingua? With over 50 years of experience and a unique method there is no better partner for your language training needs.

What we stand for – now for half a century

At inlingua Hammamet we have three key values: quality, efficiency and service. This applies to every aspect of our work. Our highest priority is to ensure that every client’s learning experience is as positive and productive as possible.

Our passionate and engaged team’s means to achieve these goals are among others: regular trainings and further development for all our staff, “consequent” application of the inlingua method and our exclusive materials, transparent, timely and appropriate communication, as well as internal and external quality assurance processes such as the ISO29990-certification.

The inlingua method’s success is based on 10 principles:

1. Target language

Only the target language is used during the lesson.

2. Speaking

The main training strategy is learning through speaking. The focus on writing and reading is dictated by the learner’s needs.

3. Learners

Learners speak more than the trainer.

4. Practice

Learners acquire language skills through examples and practice rather than theoretical explanations.

5. Check

Trainers check the extent of the learner’s knowledge before teaching new material. Learners are tested regularly.

6. Individual needs

Trainers tailor lessons to the individual needs of learners.

7. Participation

Learners can be creative and participate in real communication during a lesson.

8. Use of Language

Trainers correct mistakes in such a way that learners develop skill in self-correction and learn to use the language independently.

9. Variety

Trainers use a variety of teaching techniques to keep the learning atmosphere positive.

10. Materials

Student books are closed during most of a lesson.

We are well aware that the inlingua method will always only be as good as the trainers using it. That is why we invest in our trainers’ qualifications and continuous development. They are usually native speakers or they are able to use the language at native speaker level. We however especially value their personal interest in their students’ learning experience and learning progress.

All our trainers, even experienced language teaching professionals, are obliged to participate in a two-week training course about the inlingua method, before they can start working for inlingua Hammamet

Our trainers‘ further development then takes place in various regular compulsory workshops about pedagogical topics. In this way we ensure that both our trainers and our clients benefit from state-of-the-art language teaching expertise.